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News 26th February - Spotlight on CANbus

We've had CAN communication as an option on our FREEWheel wireless button plates for a while now (since 2018 in fact!).  It's available:

  • AS A KIT: to use with your existing switches and wheel plate

  • AS AN ADDON: with our solid-state systems

  • ON ITS OWN: for a CAN-only receiver

And it comes with all our special functions including Flash-to-Pass and indicator cancellation.  Just 2 wires to connect to your PDM's CANbus and use our pre-existing CAN database.

Our modular system design means we can't list every permutation on the webshop so if you want a CAN-only pre-built system please Contact Us

News 7th November

It's not too early to mention Christmas, is it?  We're already packing some BlinkSTOP stocking fillers!

BlinkSTOP smart indicator system.  The original indicator auto-cancellation module, with unique functionality:

  • UNIQUE: user-configurable to work with ON-OFF-ON toggle switches or momentary pushbuttons

  • UNIQUE: integrated hazard function replaces or works alongside your hazard relay

  • UNIQUE: brake pedal inhibits cancellation timer, perfect for pausing at traffic lights and waiting to turn

And it vastly simplifies your indicator and hazard circuits whilst being intuitive to use!

News 1st September - CAN-only Receiver

Completing our new product releases for the end of Summer is our CAN-only Receiver FREEWheel kit.  Much requested by several of our racing teams, you'll be seeing it in action rather a lot over the next few years.  Retaining the flexibility for which we're renowned, you can use as much, or as little, of our control logic as you like.  Blend the simplicity of our config tool with the fine control of a PDM and you'll have all the leading-edge functionality you could ever need, at your fingertips.

Price-matched to our solid-state RACE system and also with 10 channels, if you're looking at a new build with a CAN PDM, you'll save wiring time and complexity with a new CAN integration. 

Don't forget, we also have paddle shifters and MIL-Spec calibration switches too.  If you're building a new wheel, we definitely have something for you.

BlinkSTOP smart indicator module // FREEWheel kits and assemblies: relay-switchedsolid-state switched; CAN switched; CAN/Solid-state hybrid // button plates & bundles // motorsport decals // calibration switches // paddle shifters & paddles

News 17th July 2020

Introducing our MIL-Spec calibration switch.  Finally, a cal switch designed for appearance and ergonomics, and military standard too.  Supplied with a knurled, machined aluminium knob and our matching stickers.

  • MIL-S-3786 rated rotary switch assembled to our custom PCB providing 1kOhm resistance per index.
  • Accurate 0-5V output proportional to switch position.
  • Designed for multimap switching such as boost and traction slip control.
  • Two and three-wire installation - no additional pull-up resistor required.
  • Small footprint at just 15 x 20mm (20 x 23.5mm including cover) - interchangeable with our standard rotary potentiometer.
  • Fits our C62, D82, X62 and X82 plate designs and is Easyfit-compatible - Contact Us for bundle pricing.

News 28th May 2020

Our FREEWheel configuration app has had a lock-down face lift! 

Freely available from our Downloads page, the tool is simple and intuitive to use.  Simply extract to a Windows PC and double-click to run, then connect your FREEWheel to USB and assign your button behaviour.  All buttons can be momentary or latching and most have a special function too: 

  • BlinkSTOP: our smart indicator and hazard feature, with a configurable 6 to 30 secs indicator auto-cancellation timer

  • BeamSTOP: alternate between dipped and main beam if the headlights are on, or flash the main beam if not

  • IVA Fog: inhibit / switch off the fog lights when headlights are off

  • Rainlight and Flash-to-Pass (RACE system): a short press to latch the light on, and a longer press to trigger the 4Hz flashing mode

Why not download it now and take a closer look?

News 12th May 2020

Completing our line-up of refreshed products is our latest BlinkSTOP smart indicator system.  The original indicator auto-cancellation module now has a sealed connector and optional loom, along with upgrades to its features and unique functionality:

  • UNIQUE: user-configurable to work with ON-OFF-ON toggle switches or momentary pushbuttons

  • UNIQUE: integrated hazard function replaces or works alongside your hazard relay

  • UNIQUE: brake pedal inhibits cancellation timer, perfect for when paused at traffic lights and waiting to turn

And it vastly simplifies your indicator and hazard circuits whilst being intuitive to use!

With high pre-orders, we have a limited number for the web shop.  See it and buy online here.

News 5th May 2020

All our wireless steering wheel controls systems now come with fitted with a sealed AMPSEAL connection with gold pins. 

With our free and simple to use Windows configuration tool, each channel can be configured as momentary, latching or special function behaviour, and with five year IN-USE battery life (around 60,000 miles), no other system comes close.  And all at an unbeatable price!

Want a pre-built system for indicators, headlight and fog or horn control?  Order the 4-channel Easyfit here:
Got a unique steering wheel or an existing button plate and need up to 8 channels?  Here's the 8-channel kit:
Prefer our assembled buttonplate, decal sheet and pre-configuration service?  Buy the 8-channel Easyfit here:
Need solid-state speed and variable outputs for your track or competition car?  Get the RACE kit here:

FREEWheel - for all detachable and fixed steering wheels.

18th February 2020 - our decals are here...

We're very pleased to release our custom-developed sticker sheets for your buttonplates and dashboards.  These were developed with feedback from experts from the racing and kit car world. They look great, stick hard, are waterproof and fade resistant!

  • permanent self-adhesive stickers printed on a tough vinyl with environmental protection applied
  • pre-cut, hard-wearing and professionally printed
  • easy to apply for a professional finish to your dashboard and buttonplate
  • designs are size and colour-matched to the pushbutton switches in our FREEWheel Easyfit systems and buttonplate bundles
  • icons and text designs included for a variety of looks
  • generous sheet sizing for 180 top quality motorsport decals

Suitable for a wide variety of applications as well as our buttonplates, each sheet offers the biggest variety of colourful motorsport decals.  They'll be in our shop soon and are already available with our Easyfit systems and buttonplate bundles.

News 29th December 2019 - Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

Wondering why we are so confident in the life of our FREEWheel transmitter battery that we include a FIVE YEAR guarantee on all our 4-channel8-channel and 10-channel RACE FREEWheel system batteries?

News October 1st 2019 - Caterham owners!

We have been building up a demo wheel to show how our FREEWheel systems and buttonplates fit the standard Caterham 280mm steering wheel, pictured. 

They fit the 260mm wheel too.

Our RF wireless system lets you do away with a curly cord and have pushbuttons at your fingertips with a minimum 5-year battery life - guaranteed.

The regular setup on our 4-channel FREEWheel is auto-cancelling indicators, main beam and horn.  Wiring is straightforward and you don't lose your dash switches - and we'll include our custom shroud for your horn button to avoid accidental pressing.

If you're considering outsourcing your FREEWheel installation, Contact Us and we'll direct you to your nearest FREEWheel wiring expert.

FREEWheel - for all detachable and fixed steering wheels.

3rd September 2019

CAN and Solid-State technology

Did you know, we have a CAN output option on the FREEWheel RACE for connection to a power distribution module, available through selected resellers or when you contact us directly?

With solid-state switching, over-current and short-circuit protection, and two variable output 0-5V analogue channels, the FREEWheel RACE is tuned for the fastest response times whilst being the lightest package possible - all with the extra robustness a racing environment demands.  Contact Us for more information including specification.  

News July 12th 2019

Give yourself an edge. The FREEWheel Race Solid State unit 

eight solid state channels : two analogue channels : rainlight control

Low-side switching of up to eight 300mA loads with built-in short circuit and overcurrent protection

Two analogue channels for wireless potentiometer control such as multimap boosting and traction slip control

Rainlight function with two modes - 4Hz flashing and solid

And our standard smart features such as auto-cancelling indicators with hazard mode, headlamp latch-and-flash and IVA fog modes

Contact Us and reserve yours today.

News 8th May 2019

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who spoke to us at Stoneleigh at the weekend!  Thank you for coming to find us and for saying such nice things about our products.  We were thrilled to see so many Westfields fitted with BlinkSTOP and FREEWheel.

We have 4-channel, 8-channel and our 10-channel RACE FREEWheel systems in the web shop for despatch in the week of the 13th May.  Each comes with the option to add a buttonplate and pushbuttons, perfectly matched to FREEWheel.  Don't forget, all buttonplate bundles come with our bespoke nut covers!

Why not choose the Easyfit option, fitting the widest range of steering wheels imaginable?  The Easyfit transmitter is the fastest, neatest way of attaching your buttons to your steering wheel, as it bolts directly to your steering wheel boss.  Its accessible solder points means connecting your switches is easier than ever, then simply snap on our nut covers for a perfect finish to the front and rear of your wheel.   

With our unique USB programming tool, you can change each button's behaviour at your desktop - or lap - time and again until you have your perfect configuration.  Or, if you prefer, leave the soldering and programming to us.  There's an option for that too, in our webshop and there's more about it on our Facebook page  



The best of our news items, all in one place