Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Custom Products

As we design and make our products ourselves, we can develop them to your requirements.  Our FREEWheel can support up to 15 channels and we can tailor the functions too!  So, if you can't find exactly what you require in our webshop, please Contact Us and see what we can do for you.

Global Shipping

We send our products all around the world, using reliable shipping companies.  If you're buying outside the UK, we won't charge you UK tax, so you'll only be liable for your country's taxes and import duties.


If you're looking to purchase from a local reseller, we partner with:


Leeds / the North - Racing Circuits.  Paul Waddington is a specialist in custom vehicle wiring and will supply and fit our products for you, along with a new wiring harness if you wish.

Bedford / the East - Volantech.  Joel and his team produce top-quality bespoke steering wheel panels with a choice of materials and engraving options.

Horsham / the South-East - Partridge Green Motorsport.  Specialising in Caterhams, Andy Jupp undertakes a wide range of vehicle projects.


Bandon - PT Motorsport Electrics.  Paul Twomey provides ECUs and engine harnesses - and a fantastic wireless kit for all steering wheels, using carbon fibre plate and 3D printed enclosures.


Edinburgh - Track Formula.  We have a long-standing relationship with David Greenan's highly-respected Track Formula racing shop.  David will be happy to advise you on our products - along with his own line of paddle shifters, XAP gear actuators and Antigravity batteries.


New Hampshire - Trailbrake.  Matt Romanowski is an AiM product and support specialist with the advanced CAN integration knowledge to advise on all aspects of our FREEWheel systems.

If you like our products and are interested in our reseller programme, we'd be pleased to hear from you.