Simple to install and a doddle to wire, BlinkSTOP is one of the easiest components you'll ever fit.  With a Molex connector and loom, you'll have it fitted in no time.

A cost and weight-efficient module for intelligent, automated indicator control.

Features of the BlinkSTOP smart indicator control system

  • BlinkSTOP auto-cancels your indicators after your pre-set duration.  BlinkSTOP's smart features ensure it functions only when you want it to.
  • Uniquely, BlinkSTOP is user-configurable to work with ON-OFF-ON toggle switches or momentary pushbuttons.
  • Use BlinkSTOP with traditional indicator bulbs or LED bulbs.  
  • BlinkSTOP works alongside your existing flasher relay, and can replace it to simplify your wiring with a 90 flash per minute rate.
  • Press left and right buttons together, or add a DPDT switch input, for a continuous hazard function.
  • Make the most of your pushbuttons, with a quick press on the same side to cancel your indicator, or switch to the other side using the opposite button.
  • Paused in traffic or waiting to turn?  Indicator cancelling is disabled by the brake pedal, and for 6 or 9 seconds afterwards so that the indicators remain on until you've finished your manoeuvre.
  • BlinkSTOP's configurable nature lets you choose between 12 or 18 second flash durations.
  • BlinkSTOP case measures 75mm x 50mm x 27mm and weighs just 125g - including the loom!

BlinkSTOP smart indicator control system.  For kit cars and race cars.

BlinkSTOP Molex 12-pin connector pinout diagram.pdf
BlinkSTOP installation instructions (with connector).pdf

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BlinkSTOP Assembly

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